JOSHUA DUERKSEN | Formel4 Racing
Podium for Joshua at the ADAC F4 at 24hNBR

Johua on the podium at the 2nd ADAC F4 event at Nürburgring - 24hNBR

by Joshua Dürksen
2nd Virctory in the ADAC F4 at Hockenheim

Joshua Dürksen's 2nd Virctory in the ADAC F4 at Hockenheim 2020

by Joshua Dürksen
Victory for JOSHUA in the Italian F4

Victory & P2 for Joshua in the Italian F4 Championship at the Red Bull Ring 2020

by Joshua Dürksen


UAE Formel4 Vice Champion
ADAC F4 P3 Rookie Wertung
WSK F4 P3 Rookie Wertung


MÜCKE Motorsport supports outstanding young talents on the highest level. Many drivers like Lando Norris, Sebatien Buemi, Sebastian Vettel and many more drove for Peter Mücke ...