JOSHUA DUERKSEN | Formel4 Racing


#JDracing / Speed & Spirit


born 27th. Oktober 2003 in Asunción Paraguay
Secondary education at the Trinity School in Paraguay

Greatest passion - MOTORSPORT
Role model - Ayrton Senna
Speed & Spirit + No Pain No Gain

Sports career

2014 - 2018 KART
2014: Starting with Go Kart Sport
2015: Kart Meister in Paraguay
2016: Kart Rotax Junior Meister / P3 overall
2017: Kart Rotax Junior Vice Champion
2018: WM Rotax Challengue in Portugal

2019 Formel 4
UAE Formel4 VICE Champion
ADAC F4 P3 Rookie Scoring
WSK F4 P3 Rookie Scoring


"We at Mücke Motorsport are sure that with Joshua a new super talent in motorsport is growing up. With his talent, dedication and passion, he has the prerequisites to assert himself successfully in motorsport in the long term.

Here we do not only mean his very good understanding in working with the engineers, his self-assessment, his speed, his ambition & his discipline, but also his excellent presentation to his partners and the media".

Peter Mücke 03.2020